The Pathway to Prosperity

Getting the best out of your growing business in the current climate requires structure. The Pathway to Prosperity online course gives you the insight and the methods to create a better business plan. Get a module for free, then sign up for our limited half-price offer.

 Watch the video below to see our Managing Director Mark Constable explain more.

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What You Get

Protect your business and secure your future

This course is designed to give you the insight to make your business future fit. Here’s what you get:

  • Extensive concise and actionable video content
  • 6 modules covering the areas you need to address for success
  • 18 downloadable workbooks to support your journey
  • 3 educational modules and 3 practical modules
  • coaching emails as follow up to each module and on-request online ad-hoc support

If you are struggling to comprehend how to navigate through these troubling times and would like to come out of the other side positioned strongly for future success, this is for you.


David Buddrige

Owner and MD at DeeBee Foams Limited

"I found the pathway to prosperity series extremely intuitive. The team at Equip challenged my thought processes and provided me with valuable insights, tools and techniques to further my business. It's given me fresh impetus to push forward to the next level"

James Ockleford

MD at Engage Education

"I have found the PTP series very useful in challenging my thinking about our business. The models ad example provided give structure to the business audit needed and how to use that to create a structure to plan for the future"

Tom Bowden

MD and Owner at Footprint Digital

"The programme has been invaluable in helping me obtain peace of mind by de-risking future uncertainty. I now feel in far more control and am confident about the road ahead thanks to having a structured approach and a set of tools that can allow me to prepare properly for any situation."

Start Your Journey Today

This course features six modules designed to get your business back on track, and with our current half price offer, for a limited time it's only £645 (ex VAT).

Here’s the module overview, for more detail, keep scrolling. 

Module 1: The Big Picture

The first module of the course offers you insight into recessions, and how they’ll affect you. You’ll learn:

  • business strategies that keep you ahead of changes recession brings
  • how to future-proof your business and prepare it for recovery
  • what the recession cycle is, and how it affects you
  • how to start a responsive business plan

All covered with video content and alongside a downloadable workbook.

Module 2: Your Business and Leadership Journey

This second module helps you plot exactly where you and your business are on a growth path. You’ll learn:

  • how to manage yourself and others to build effective relationships that will help your business thrive
  • which leadership skills are required to maintain a productive business

This module focuses on mindset.  With video content and a downloadable workbook to guide you through, you’ll come out with a distinct picture of you and your business.

Module 3: Your Journey Toolkit

Next we’ll give you some methodology you need to achieve change and structure. There are two major elements. You’ll learn:

  • how to use a developed business management system, a proven model for generating dynamic growth while installing processes that measure and manage performance
  • the concept of design thinking, which includes three individual sub-sections:
    • discovery
    • design
    • delivery

With these tools you can design, build and implement a robust plan for your future business success. Included is over 35 minutes of video coaching, further video content and a downloadable workbook to help guide you.

Module 4: Set Your Destination

The start of the practical modules. We will run through the discovery phase of your business plan and you will learn how to:

  • quickly and comprehensively measure and map your internal capabilities, the external environment and any challenges you face
  • identify the gaps between where you are now and where you want your business to be
  • determine the route your business needs to take to achieve your goals
  • set a vision for achieving a future- fit business

Your coaching for this module has multiple video training sessions, and you’ll get 8 downloadable workbooks to help you through.

Module 5: Map Your Route

Building on module 4, we’ll guide you through setting a vision and completing gap analysis. You’ll learn:

  • how to create an informed business plan that will pave the way for your future
  • what gap analysis means and how it can help your business
  • How to protect, perform and prosper

With further coaching video sessions and 6 downloadable workbooks, you’ll be ready to take the last steps into your future fit business plan.

Module 6: Get Started

Your planning and your education are complete, so let's get going!

This final module will help you begin the implementation of your plan. Your vision and plan will be unique to your business, your market, and your aspirations. We’ll call on techniques such as scenario planning to identify the major risks and opportunities your business may face so you can be prepared for any eventuality.

With some final video coaching and your last workbook to download, you’ll leave this course with not only a wealth of knowledge, but also a physical plan to take your business forward.

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If you’re still sitting on the fence because you’re just not sure if this course is for you, then why not take us up on our free module offer? Module 1 will give you an overview of what to expect from the coming content.

Remember, you can sign up now to get the course for HALF PRICE. The standard cost is £1,295 (ex VAT), but for a limited time we have reduced the cost to £645 (ex VAT). We won’t offer this price forever.

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