Don't wait and see


By Mark Constable – Managing director

March 2021

We are always interested in speaking to business leaders. Especially when it comes to learning about their plans for future growth. However, what has been of growing concern recently is the sheer number who are telling us that they’re not giving this any real consideration currently as they’re just holding out to see what happens with the economy etc.

In our view this is akin to them taking a ship out on the open ocean for a major voyage to a far away, yet unestablished destination with no communications equipment or navigational instruments. Totally exposed and vulnerable to any unpredictable weather systems they might encounter along the way, the best they can do in this situation is rely on hope, luck and judgement to help them arrive somewhere, anywhere, safely before running out of fuel and or any other essential supplies.

On the other hand, smart business leaders know exactly where they want to get to, and they create their own maps and navigation systems to help get them there.

They begin this by being clear about their starting point and identifying exactly where they are today by conducting a thorough assessment of their business’s performance, capabilities and assets. Once established, their next step is getting clear and aligned on where they would like to take their business and setting out their intended destination.

With starting point and destination defined, they can now assess the viability of their business today in relation to where they want it to be. This is done by identifying the capability gaps that exist between those two points and then plotting out a series of key business objectives designed to fill them. It’s these objectives that form the various step-changes or transitionary milestones for the business which are then prioritised and used as the business roadmap.

While all of this takes place, close attention is also being paid constantly to what’s going on externally to the business with regards to political, economic and social movements etc. Assessing and addressing how these external factors may transpire over time and what their likely influence or impact might be on the business roadmap over the short, medium and longer term allows a variety of scenarios to also be factored into the plan.

Running a business in this way allows leaders to take full control of their journey by being able to make well informed decisions proactively in line with their longer-term goals. They are able to operate with greater agility, higher levels of performance and effectiveness whilst also maintaining a more secure and focused workforce.

Our advice to any progressive business leader is definitely don’t just wait and see! Instead, take control and ensure your organisation is constantly striving to be fit for future by clearly mapping out the route to your intended destination.

Waiting to see is in reality, surrendering control and leaving your own and your employees future to chance. And although this option can sometimes work out ok, running a business this way is no recipe for long term success and sustainability.

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