Developing a growth mindset

How do you see failure?

Do you see it as a lens held up to your own abilities - or lack of them – or do you see it as an opportunity to grow?

How you view and deal with failure is a great tool for identifying whether you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset.

🌱 Growth Mindset: Someone with a growth mindset will see no limit on their capabilities or that of their employees. They know that with the right support, training and help anyone can achieve anything.

💺 Fixed Mindset: Someone with a fixed mindset will always have their successes defined by their limitations. They’ll believe their talent, their ability, their intelligence is a fixed state.

Uses criticism to succeed
Rises to challenges
Inspired by others’ success
Potential is unlimited

Gives up when criticised
Dislikes challenges
Threatened by others’ success
Potential is pre-determined

So, which one are you? For sound advice on developing a growth mindset follow #EquipBusiness on Linkedin or email us.


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