Measuring the wellbeing of employees and the benefits

One of the results of the global health crisis has been that more businesses are recognising the 'wealth' that is attached to their people.

It has lead to some companies re-evaluating their softer - people - assets and realising that having the right culture, with the right people in the right roles, working for the right money in the right company is more important than ever.

By developing your own understanding of cultural value - that is the benefit these softer assets represent - we can ensure we have a business that is truly set up for success.

Using the cultural lens we can make assessments about the wellbeing and happiness of both team members and other stakeholders.

We can use it to work out what motivates people to perform well and to be productive as employees, as well as what motivates people to buy a product or service.

These types of 'wealth' can't be measured by money and this is a problem for businesses. Because if we can't measure it then we can't control it and we certainly can't use it to leverage our success further.

Find out how to measure the wellbeing of your employees and the benefit they bring to your business by following #EquipBusiness on Linkedin for tips and advice to help you prosper. 


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