What recession-proof businesses look like

covid economy Mar 16, 2021

No business could anticipate the global pandemic.

There were many businesses that thrived while others struggled to keep their heads above water.

If COVID has taught us anything it’s what marks out a recession-proof business.


Between March and June more than 85,000 businesses launched online, according to research from Growth Intelligence. Businesses without an online presence stood little chance of survival as high streets stood empty. It was make your presence felt online or go home.

The fashion sector was quick to respond with over 8,500 eCommerce sites launching in the sector, yet all sectors had to evolve, even pharmacies which could remain open looked to trial new ways of selling.

Toast Ale – a craft beer brewer – had a web presence but pre-COVID had no strategy to develop its online activity. Up until March just a tiny fraction of its sales were generated online. But during lock down the company invested in its website and developed a better functioning online shop, which meant they could reach a whole new audience and survive financially.

What steps have you taken to recession-proof your business? Contact us through our social media or email to let us know.


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