Don't wait and see


By Mark Constable – Managing director

March 2021

We are always interested in speaking to business leaders. Especially when it comes to learning about their plans for future growth. However, what has been of growing concern recently is the sheer number who are telling us that they’re not giving this any real consideration currently as they’re just holding out to see what happens with the economy etc.

In our view this is akin to them taking a ship out on the open ocean for a major voyage to a far away, yet unestablished destination with no communications equipment or navigational instruments. Totally exposed and vulnerable to any unpredictable weather systems they might...

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Do you know why your business exists?

future leadership strategy Mar 18, 2021

Do you know why your business exists? If you just answered to sell more then you can stop reading now.

If you genuinely stopped to ponder this question then you have the makings of a future-focused business leader.

According to Simon Sinek, people don’t buy because of what you sell. They buy because of WHY you sell it. But if you don’t know why you exist, then how will your customers?

When developing your brand always start with the why, and by doing so this will naturally lead you on to the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ and that will inform every decision you make for the better.

Equip exists to ignite the potential for every leader to build a more prosperous world...

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Measuring the wellbeing of employees and the benefits

One of the results of the global health crisis has been that more businesses are recognising the 'wealth' that is attached to their people.

It has lead to some companies re-evaluating their softer - people - assets and realising that having the right culture, with the right people in the right roles, working for the right money in the right company is more important than ever.

By developing your own understanding of cultural value - that is the benefit these softer assets represent - we can ensure we have a business that is truly set up for success.

Using the cultural lens we can make assessments about the wellbeing and happiness of both team members and other stakeholders.

We can use it to...

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GDP in September was 8% below pre-pandemic level

future leadership Mar 18, 2021

While during the COVID crisis we've tried to find the positives:

( hello new-found community spirit and for many a better work/life balance ).

There’s no denying that the economic impact will be felt for a long time to come.

Increased Government spending at record levels, designed to keep businesses afloat, has softened the blow, but the magnitude of the recession we’re now experiencing is unprecedented in modern times.

Compared to February 2020, overall GDP was 8% lower in October 2020.

The difference between the Government’s spending and its revenues is expected to reach a peace-time-high record in 2020/2021.

In an early November forecast, The Bank of England was...

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