Understanding business worth - two lenses of value

Are you still measuring your success by your profits?

It’s a common approach, yet there’s a growing realisation that over 50% of a business’s worth comes from non-tangibles.

Exceptional business leaders already understand that ‘better distinctions make better decisions’ which is why they also measure people, performance and motivation as a key driver to success too.

By using two lenses to determine how a business is performing we get a far truer picture of success. We call these the commercial lens and the cultural lens.

Commercial: This is the one we’re all familiar with. It’s the wealth of the company and how it is doing financially and set out in...

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What great business culture looks like

culture management Mar 17, 2021

Ask any group of people which company they’d most like to work for and we bet that at least one person will say Facebook.

It’s no surprise really, as the company has a strong work culture which is designed to attract the very best people to work within it.

One of Facebook’s best examples of a positive workplace culture is its desire to foster a flat organisational structure.

It uses its buildings and the space it has in a proactive manner: as open office space. So anyone from the Head of IT to the office junior could pull up a chair next to Mark Zuckerberg. Of course, whether you want to make yourself that visible or not depends on your own attitude to risk and how your work...

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